Today we are excited to announce our Series A investment led by Sorenson Ventures with participation from existing investors Lightspeed Venture Partners, Emergent Ventures, and leading angels Ashish Gupta, co-founder of Helion VC, and Girish Mathrubootham, founder of Freshworks.

Data-driven apps are everywhere - recommendation engines, fraud detection services, credit scoring applications, and many others. These apps depend on data pipelines that need to be constantly monitored. Sounds easy! but in reality, data pipelines are often massive unruly beasts that are built on a stack of interconnected open-source/open-core and proprietary technologies.

Every customer we have spoken to already has a bunch of dashboards either wired together themselves or they use existing APM tools, but troubleshooting and optimization are harder than ever, these tools are just not built to look at data pipelines in a unified way. …

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A perpetual debate rages about the effectiveness of a modern-day Data Analyst in a Distributed Computing environment. Analysts are used to SQL’s returning answers to their questions in short order. The RDBMS user is often unable to comprehend the root-cause when queries don’t return results for multiple hours. …

In this post we detail out information that Acceldata presents to Hadoop Admins and Engineers, for action. We explore preemptive actions that can prevent unpleasant and in some cases catastrophic failures. We divide it in the following 3 sections, and recommend Acceldata enterprise customers adopt it in ways that enables their systems to perform better:

In-flight Alerting:

Alerts have historically been used to understand and limit risk. So is the case with the Hive and Hadoop ecosystem in general. However, Acceldata has tried to make it a lot more convenient and flexible. Our approach allows:

The unique ability to get in-flight, correlated data which gives Data Administrators sufficient time to react and respond with…


Data Observability

Observability for Enterprise Analytics and AI

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