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Acceldata CEO Presents Masterclass at ScaleUp:AI

The Data Observer


Acceldata CEO, Rohit Choudhary, was a featured Masterclass speaker at the ScaleUp:AI Conference, hosted by Insight Partners. The event brought together thousands of participants across the globe to hear the foremost thinkers, doers, users, and investors of AI discuss the data and AI industry today and its future, with a variety of thought-provoking presentations and networking opportunities.

Rohit provided to the attendees a detailed overview of how large, global enterprises are using AI to solve complex data-related business issues. In particular, he discussed how PhonePe (a Walmart subsidiary with more than 350 million customers across India who use the service for digital payments), who supports tens of millions of customers, embarked on a data infrastructure expansion project to scale new and existing technologies. Meeting that demand was made possible by improving visibility into every aspect of the company’s data operations. Using data observability, with AI/ML at the foundation, PhonePe was able to:

  • Scale data infrastructure rapidly from 70 to more than 1500 Hadoop nodes; more than 2000% growth
  • Deliver 99.97% availability across its Hadoop infrastructure
  • Eliminate day-to-day engineering involvement and firefighting on outages and performance degradation issues
  • Support multi-cluster data and workload management with uniform configurations
  • Upgrade systems and migrate to new applications and nodes with no performance degradation
  • Reduce data warehouse costs by 65%, while eliminating the need for expensive commercial data warehousing licenses

You can watch Rohit’s presentation here (registration for the Insight Partners event is required).