Photo by Olav Ahrens Røtne on Unsplash

Building the Modern Data Operations Solution

The Data Observer


When I look at the path my career has taken, it seems logical that I’m now at Acceldata. I’ve built a career in various aspects of data operations at places like Nutanix, PernixData, and Intransa.

Now, I’m part of a team that’s defining the data observability space by delivering the visibility needed to operate, scale, and optimize data operations and modern data infrastructure.

As an early adopter of both on-premises and cloud data technologies, I have long experienced the pain felt by so many data teams as they try to build, operate, and scale their data environments to meet fast-growing business objectives. One lesson I learned early was that without better visibility into data system health and potential, data teams quickly become overwhelmed by operational challenges caused by scale, complexity, and cost.

I started my own venture, dataSnight, to help data teams optimize their investments in modern data stack technologies like Databricks and Snowflake. These cloud-based technologies make life so easy for users, which explains their explosive growth. But there is an immediate need to operate them in an observed and controlled environment in order to avoid the TMGT effect.

We developed a SaaS-based data platform observability solution to help customers optimize cost, performance, security, resource utilization, and operational visibility. As I onboarded and talked to multiple customers, it quickly became clear to me that there was a huge unmet need to help enterprises manage their data operations with greater efficiency.

Most enterprises continue to rely on on-premises and hybrid systems, even as they move more of their data and resources to the cloud. The challenge for them becomes one of visibility reduction due to complexity of the environment — as architectures spread across on-prem, cloud, and hybrid, they need a corresponding way to identify and manage data operations that can operate in all these different environments and deliver a single view into data health.

The market needs a comprehensive, multi-dimensional data observability solution for on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments. At Acceldata, I am fortunate to be part of the team that’s delivering this solution to data teams who are using it to optimize their data operations, derive more value from their data, and reduce economic overhead. I’m excited to be here and to help Acceldata continue to lead in this market.